Bouquets of flowers are all well and good, but if anyone (anyone??) is tempted to treat me, I can think of nothing I’d like more than a hamper full of delicious food delivered to my door.Gift baskets and hampers
I admit that I would find it difficult to choose my dream selection from the BienManger website.  Every time I think that I’ve got it sussed, I come across something new and fabulous and have to start from scratch.  This week, my list would be:

Mild brown mustard – lovely, subtle and aromatic
Corianail – coriander, green pepper and garlic dip
Himalayan pink salt – gorgeously pretty pink crystals
Les Folies Fromages apricot, cumin and orange peel – perfect with a good, ripe camembert
Calissons d’Aix – almondy, fruity morsels of delight.  I could eat a whole box in one go.
Detox seaweed tea – not that I drink it for its detox qualities, obviously!
Christmas cocoa – all year round, but especially when it’s cold outside
Sausage with roquefort cheese – if you live where I do, you’re legally obliged to love this
Salidou caramel cream – mouth-watering salt-water caramel in spreadable form
Rouille à  la Sétoise – either stirred into fish soup or just spread on crusty bread

I could go on, but one mustn’t be greedy, and even this little selection in a gift basket would really make my day.

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