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Commentaires fermés sur meets FrenchEntré is delighted with its partnership with leading English francophile website FrenchEntré  As the team’s resident native English speaker, I’ve known about this website for years – it was a favourite of mine when I was planning my move to France, providing a wealth of useful information about how to go about setting up home and navigate the pitfalls of expat life.  So I was thrilled to be able to write a piece about for FrenchEntrée, and to offer its readers a free box of chocolates with their first order.

Writing a thousand words about was a real treat, just the excuse I needed for a bit of creative writing.  It gave me the opportunity to brag a little about the spectacularly beautiful part of France where we are lucky enough to live and work and reminded me how much I love this area.  Great food is one thing, truly breathtaking scenery surrounding you every day is another.  Lucky old me for being able to have both at the same time!

We hope that readers of FrenchEntré, whether they live in the UK or in France, enjoy discovering